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Gas Prices In BC Are Among The Highest In Canada & These Cities Rank As The Most Expensive

Might have to drive to Alberta for gas!

Western Canada Editor
Gas Prices In BC Are Among The Highest In Canada & These Cities Rank As The Most Expensive

Gas prices have been soaring and if you drive in B.C., you'll be all too familiar with the high prices.

Just one year ago, the average gas price across the province was 117 cents a litre but since then, the price of gas has skyrocketed up to over 170 cents a litre for some areas.

Langley, B.C. recorded the highest gas price in B.C. in the past 12 months at 175.9 cents a litre according to the CAA website.

If you live in B.C., you won't have to worry about gas prices for long because you'll not be able to buy a gas-powered car soon.

So, where is the most expensive for gas in B.C.?

As of October 25, Victoria and Coquitlam are the most expensive areas for gas in B.C. at an average of 162.9 cents a litre.

This is followed by North Vancouver (162.0 cents a litre) and then Richmond, New Westminster, West Vancouver and White Rock, which all averaged 161.9 cents a litre.

Where is the cheapest for gas in B.C.?

Prince George is the cheapest place, as of October 25, to get gas in B.C. with an average price of 144.4 — that's nearly 20 cents difference for each litre of gas. It was closely followed by Nelson (145.1 cents a litre).

Abbotsford (151.9 cents a litre), Penticton and West Kelowna (152.1 cents a litre) were also among the cheapest.

The cheapest gas on Vancouver Island is Nanaimo, priced at 153.9 cents a litre.

Full list of gas prices in B.C. ranked in price order (as of October 25)

  • Victoria 162.9
  • Coquitlam 162.9
  • North Vancouver 162.0
  • Richmond 161.9
  • New Westminster 161.9
  • West Vancouver 161.9
  • White Rock 161.9
  • Delta 161.8
  • Surrey 161.3
  • Burnaby 161.0
  • Maple Ridge 160.7
  • Vancouver 160.3
  • Langley 159.2
  • Courteney 158.3
  • Chilliwack 154.9
  • Vernon 154.9
  • Kamloops 154.4
  • Nanaimo 153.9
  • Kelowna 152.6
  • West Kelowna 152.1
  • Penticton 152.1
  • Abbotsford 151.9
  • Nelson 145.1
  • Prince George 144.4
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