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Ontario Gas Prices Are Dropping By 11 Cents A Litre & Here's The Best Time To Fill Up

It's only expected to last a couple of days!

Western Canada Editor
Ontario Gas Prices Are Dropping By 11 Cents A Litre & Here's The Best Time To Fill Up

If you're waiting for the right time for Ontario gas prices to drop from their monumental highs, it's now.

According to gas prices analyst Dan McTeague, prices at the gas station have dropped up to 11 cents on Sunday, November 28 in cities across Canada.

McTeague, who is the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, told CTV the reason for the dramatic drop in gas prices, which affects most of Canada, comes as the global price of oil fell 13% over fears surrounding the newly discovered Omicron COVID-19 variant.

But, if you're considering filling up your car, McTeague said that there could be a narrow window before gas prices increase once again.

He told CTV, "I think cooler heads will prevail come Monday, which will mean possible price increases by Wednesday."

His gas price predictions for Toronto are 134.9 cents a litre for regular gas, 161.9 for premium and 135.9 for diesel.

Those prices are the same for Barrie, Brampton, Hamilton, London, Niagara, Waterloo and Windsor.

In Kingston, premium gas is expected to be slightly cheaper at 160.9 cents a litre. In Ottawa, regular gas is expected to be 133.9 cents a litre for regular gas, 160.9 for premium and 133.9 for diesel.

Gas prices are even cheaper in Peterborough at 131.9 for regular gas, 153.9 for premium and 132.9 for diesel.

Thunder Bay is expected to be the most expensive area in the province to fill up as regular gas is predicted to be 144.9 cents a litre, while premium gas is 168.9 and diesel is 138.9.

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