Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Rise Again This Week & Will Break An All-Time Record

Ontario gas prices aren't just going to be bad this week, they're set to be the highest in the province's history thanks to another spike.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, announced in a tweet on Tuesday that prices will rise another 2 cents by Thursday, bringing the total to a jarring 144.9 cents per litre.

McTeague also noted that the increase will set an all-time record, so if you've been procrastinating filling up your tank, you might want to do that today.

Motorists hoping to luck out and find cheaper pumps will have a hard time as affected areas include, Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, Kingston, Sudbury, Barrie, Niagara and more.

It was previously reported that gas prices would rise by 2 cents today bringing the total to 142.9 cents per litre, marking the highest they've been since 2014.

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