Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Rise Again & Here's The Best Time To Fill Up

We're in the sweet spot right now.

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Rise Again & Here's The Best Time To Fill Up

If you filled up over the weekend, you probably noticed that Ontario gas prices are surprisingly low right now. In fact, they are downright affordable, which, as you've likely guessed, won't last very long.

After months of ping-ponging prices, the province's cost of gas dropped by a whopping 11 cents on Sunday, bringing it to its lowest rate since the summer.

However, according to gas prices analyst Dan McTeague, this brief moment of undeniable savings for drivers will be short-lived, like real quick, an over-before-the-end-of-week situation.

"These are the lowest prices since August 25. They will go up 3-4 cents a litre Wednesday," McTeague told Narcity.

McTeague, who is also the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, told CTV on Sunday that the significant drop in gas prices is connected to the recent decline in global oil prices over fears surrounding the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Gas prices will reach approximately 137.9 a litre in the Greater Toronto Area by mid-week.

Other notable affected areas include Windsor, Ottawa, Barrie, Kingston, and Niagara, all expected to reach similar heights.

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