6 Remote Jobs In BC That Will Pay You Over $100K To Work From Home

Some don't even require a degree or previous experience! :money_with_wings:

6 Remote Jobs In BC That Will Pay You Over $100K To Work From Home

Working from home means waking up and putting on your sweatpants — basically one of the best benefits ever. Now more than ever, you can find super high-paying jobs, all from the comfort of your own home.

You don't even need a degree or a bunch of qualifications for many of the gigs. Some of these have a certain skill set or degree requirement, but many don't.

Here are six jobs in B.C. that will pay you the big bucks, while letting you have the flexibility of WFH life.

Director of Marketing

Salary: Up to $158,453 a year

Company: DLL Game

Who Should Apply: Experience for this role is a plus, but only three years is required. If you're interested in working for a start-up and watching a company grow, this is the perfect opportunity. It's also for a game company, so pretty cool.

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Data Analyst/UX Researcher

Salary: Up to $120,000 a year

Company: Pixton Comics Inc.

Who Should Apply: This position is for a company that's bringing comics to the classroom to help kids learn. If you want to work in a role with an interesting purpose, it might be a great fit. You also don't need a degree to apply!

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Senior Business Analyst, Security Access Data and Reporting

Salary: Up to $162,138 a year

Company: University of British Columbia

Who Should Apply: If you have some experience in business, and love managing projects from beginning to end, then this job is perfect for you. Working for a big company like UBC can also be great for the resume.

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General Manager Operations

Salary: Up to $154,257 a year

Company: Scarab Digital

Who Should Apply: If you're super creative and want some experience in the film industry, now is your chance. There's also no experience required.

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People and Culture Director

Salary: Up to $130,000 per year

Company: Legible Media Inc.

Who Should Apply: Someone who wants to work for a growing company and has experience in HR or the tech industry. They also offer some great benefits and are a super forward-thinking company.

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Account Executive

Salary: Up to $180,000 per year

Company: Klue

Who Should Apply: You don't need a whole lot of experience for this role, so if you're looking to get a higher-paying job this could be worth looking into. It's a sales position so make sure you're a people person before applying.

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