6 Remote Jobs In BC Where You Can Work From Home & Earn Up To $100K

Some big companies offer some big money! 🤑

Associate Editor, Vancouver
Work from home Right: Man with dog on Vancouver Island​

Work from home Right: Man with dog on Vancouver Island

The high cost of, well, everything in B.C., may have you window shopping for your next career move. The pandemic has made it so remote jobs are becoming more commonplace, and there are a ton hiring in B.C. right now.

A lot of positions you once needed to drive or commute into every single day can now be done from the comfort of your own home, and you can make over $100,000. No pants required!

That's pretty important in a province like B.C. (WFH, not the pants thing), where many live within view of some breathtaking scenery. Whether it's the mountain, the ocean, or both -- we all deserve an opportunity to look at something other than a blank office wall.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for that change of pace. Here are six remote positions that can pay you over $100,000 per year that you can do remotely.

Real Estate Professional

Salary: $100,000+ per year

Company: Melissa Wu Realty

Who should apply: You must be in good standing with a real estate licence or you can be in the process of getting yours. Otherwise, you should be willing to work with other realtors, want to improve your sales skills, and have excellent communication abilities.

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Software Development Engineer

Salary: $110,627–$149,658 a year

Company: Amazon

Who should apply: Those who are fluent in at least one modern language such as Java, C++, or C# including object-orientated design. You'll also need at least one year of non-internship experience as a software developer, and a year of experience contributing to the architecture and design of new and current systems

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​Salary: $39–$96 an hour

Company: Sony Pictures

Who should apply: You just need to have graduated high school and have knowledge in Autodesk Maya for this gig. Other important characteristics the company is looking for include: the ability to work under pressure, identifying colours, large workloads, and tight deadlines.

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Product Manager

Salary: $90,000–$130,000 a year

Company: Agency Analytics

Who should apply: This gig requires a university degree of some description, along with at least three years experience as a product manager. You'll also need some knowledge in digital marketing. But in return, you'd get a nice salary, four weeks vacation and a completely remote setup.

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Manager of International Product

Salary: $106,000–$154,000 a year

Company: Indeed

Who should apply: Yes, it's that Indeed. You could work for the company everyone visits to find jobs themselves. Although you do need a degree in business economics and over four years of relevant experience, you would get the opportunity to become an expert in the B.C. job market and make some bank while doing so.

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Social Worker

Salary: $105 an hour

Company: Layla Care Inc.

Who should apply: You'll need at least a master's degree in social work for this one, along with being licenced as a social worker in B.C., Alberta, or Ontario. You also need at least two years of post-graduate clinical experience and be able to take on at least six clients per month.

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Greg Bowman
Associate Editor, Vancouver
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