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BC RCMP Is Hiring 911 Dispatchers & You'll Need To Be 'Quick Thinking' To Get The Job

"Dispatchers function like an orchestra conductor responding to calls."

BC RCMP Is Hiring 911 Dispatchers & You'll Need To Be 'Quick Thinking' To Get The Job

The B.C. RCMP is hiring for 911 dispatchers, and you'd be helping save people's lives if you got the job.

The RCMP website said that in this job you would be "receiving and processing emergency and non-emergency calls from the public, fire departments, BC Ambulance Service and other first responder agencies, such as Search and Rescue."

Successful candidates will have to have the ability to process the information quickly and prioritize.

A 911 police dispatcher has two primary roles, according to the website, as they answer calls from the public and dispatch.

For dispatching, you would be directing police officers to respond to a specific location or event.

Call takers receive and process all emergency and non-emergency calls for police services from the public. They are also trained to accurately instruct the public what they should do in any given situation.

The job ad says, "Dispatchers function like an orchestra conductor responding to calls, coordinating police officers, and finding help when and where it is needed."

If you think you can anticipate the next move in a situation, think quickly, and understand the police officer's role, this might be worth applying to.

The job also requires "working shifts during the day, evening, night, including weekdays, weekends and public holidays" and "being prepared for every type of call that could result in a critical or major event," the website says.

As the literal first responder, the job is pretty high stakes, but seems very rewarding. There is lots of information on their website, and you can apply for the position there.

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