This BC Private Island Is For Sale & It's Cheaper Than The Average West Vancouver House

Whales could be your only neighbours! 🐋

Private island for sale in B.C.

Private island for sale in B.C.

Why buy a house in West Vancouver when you could get an entire private island in B.C. for way less money?

Dunsmuir Island, a private island for sale in B.C., is just a two-minute boat ride from Ladysmith and it could be someone's new home for $1,969,035.

West Vancouver is known as one of the most expensive areas in Canada, and the benchmark price for a house there is $2,703,600. For that price, you could get an entire island to yourself and still have a bit left over to help build your dream home on it.

The island has 4.75 acres and the listing said that "the owner did have approval to proceed with a custom home, guest cottage and large dock but their plans have changed."

That means that it's all ready for someone to buy up and start building on!

"All the permits were in place to proceed with construction and should be easily re-issued," the listing said.

Although owning this island would allow for lots of privacy, it's not super far from necessities. It's right by Ladysmith, B.C., which is located on Vancouver Island so if you have a boat you can head there for groceries or dinner.

The island itself is super picturesque and living here would mean waking up to stunning views of the ocean every day. You might even get to spot a whale or two right from your backyard.

Plus, unlike in Vancouver, you would have no neighbours — aside from the sea life.

Dunsmuir Island

Private island for sale in B.C.

Private island for sale in B.C.

Private Islands Online

Location: Ladysmith Harbour, B.C.

Price: $1,969,035


Morgan Leet
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