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BC Will Get Drenched This Weekend & Some Areas Will See More Rain Than They Did All Summer

It'll be the first fall-like storm for several areas.

BC Will Get Drenched This Weekend & Some Areas Will See More Rain Than They Did All Summer

You might want to keep your umbrella handy in the next few days if you live on Canada's West Coast because B.C.'s weather forecast is calling for a huge dumping of wet weather.

According to The Weather Network, the first fall-like storm of the season is set to hit British Columbia's south coast by Friday, bringing widespread rain along with it.

The forecast predicts that rain will start for the central coast and northern Vancouver Island overnight on Thursday and eventually reach the Lower Mainland by early Friday morning before totally taking over the final full weekend of summer.

And if that doesn't concern you enough, within just a few days the rainfall could amount to roughly a month's worth of rain. According to the forecast, there is even a chance that some cities along the south coast and Vancouver Island could see more rain over the coming weekend than what they saw all summer.

"B.C. has been plagued by extreme heat, drought conditions, and extreme wildfire conditions this past summer and we're about to get a taste of what the fall season normally brings," said Matt Grinter, a meteorologist at TWN.

All in all, the system is expected to bring 40-100 millimetres of rain.

However, it doesn't stop at just the rain; when it comes to temperatures, TWN said that below-seasonal temps are expected to continue throughout the weekend, making things feel "rather cool and damp."

According to the forecast, there will be some windy conditions as well to round out the system, with some areas already under special weather statements warning of wind gusts between 50-70 km/h.

The report also predicts that some substantial alpine snow is expected to make its way into B.C. early next week.

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