If you thought that the B.C. heat wave was your biggest problem right now, think again. Apparently bears walking into houses is a phenomenon that British Columbians should have on their radars this summer.

On June 26, the B.C. Conservation Officer Service posted on Twitter to say that they had responded to three separate reports of "bears entering residences in the Lower Mainland."*

"It may be challenging during a heat wave, but securing or monitoring access to your house is essential in bear country," the tweet continued.

According to CTV News, those three bold bears had entered homes in Coquitlam, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. The bears gained access through doors that were left open, presumably in an effort to get some cool air during the scorching heat wave rocking Western Canada.

Sgt. Simon Gravel with the BC Conservation Officer Service told CTV that bears have amazing noses and will hunt out food wherever they can. So, if your door is open and you've got food inside your house, you could have an unwanted visitor on your hands.

*This article has been updated.