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Grizzly Bear In Squamish Was Chilling In A Neighbourhood & Eating Fruit

Maybe he just wanted a snack! A grizzly bear in Squamish was seen in a neighbourhood, chilling and eating fruit from trees. He has since been captured safely and will be released back into the wild.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service (COS) posted on Facebook about the grizzly hanging around Squamish.

He was spotted in a residential area and then went on to eat from fruit trees in the Garibaldi Estates area.

Photos show the bear in the front yard of someone's home walking around and lying under an apple tree.

The COS warned the public about the grizzly and to be cautious while outside but said that he showed no signs of aggression.

Since he was eating from trees, people in the area were asked to remove any fruit from outside, secure their garbage and get rid of anything else that could attract him.

Conservation officers hazed the bear in an attempt to get him to move along.

Four hours after the COS posted about the bear on Facebook, they posted an update on the situation.

He was safely captured and was identified as a healthy adult male.

He will be released back into the wild at a location that's decided by wildlife biologists.

The COS is asking people to pick fruit from their trees and secure anything that might attract bears to keep them away.

It's recommended by experts that you travel in groups and carry bear spray while outside.

At the end of August, a black bear swiped its paw at a runner on a trail in Coquitlam.

Earlier that month, a man was bit in the groin by a grizzly.

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