On December 1, police pulled over a Burnaby Tesla driver who was not even trying to hide their over-the-top holiday spirit. 

According to Burnaby RCMP, the driver had decked out their car from top to bottom in Christmas lights. Oh, and they were stuck on with duct tape.

While this may sound harmless and maybe even cheery to some, the police say it's actually super dangerous. 

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Please don’t do this, it can be dangerous if they fall off in traffic, never mind the distraction. Burnaby RCMP

Okay, fine. We understand. 

A violation ticket was issued and in a follow-up tweet the department said: "Holiday spirit, we need it more than ever this year."

Though, they continued to say that "Burnaby has seen an increase in people injured in collisions" and advised that holiday lights belong on the tree or on the home. 

"Please keep the season cheerful and our roads safe!" they wrote. 

While we absolutely commend the shameless show of Christmas spirit, it looks like we need to keep our lights in the standard places this year. 

Or, you can take a page out of one Alberta man's book who recreated the Griswold house. He even has Cousin Eddie's RV.