If you like to be surrounded by lush greenery while sipping your coffee, then we've found you the Holy Grail. Cafe La Forêt in B.C. is the ideal cafe for plant-lovers. Getting a meal here is like eating out at a peaceful rainforest but without any of the airfare. 

The modern rustic interior, complete with a spacious seating arrangement, a glass ceiling, and plenty of trees and vines, will make you feel like you're getting your meal at a greenhouse. 

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You can bask in the sunshine all-day-long and admire the various types of plants that will greet you in every corner.

Feel at one with nature without worrying about hiking outdoors. 

This cute cafe in Burnaby, B.C. was actually the site of an auto body shop but has since been reborn as a bakery and restaurant. 

The 5000-square-foot cafe has around 84 seats, leaving each patron with more than enough space to savour the bakery goods, read a novel, or work on their next screenplay. 

They're open every day from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. 

Previously, the cafe used to be closed on Sundays. But starting August 2, they've begun opening their doors to Sunday crowds as well. 

So the next time you and your crew are racking your heads over where to go for your Sunday brunch, there's a fantastic eatery waiting to be discovered. 

In terms of the menu, there's a healthy balance between both sweet and savoury.

Some of the breakfast dishes that caught our eye include squid ink waffles and croissants, seven flavours of Bingsoo (shaved ice cream), and a crunchy iced Dalgona latte if you want to get in on the trend. 

The eatery is also known for its colossal brunch platters as well. From avocado-heavy platters to bacon and bulgogi platters, these hearty bowls will make your day. 

These bowls start from $17.25 and cap off at $18.99, whereas the waffle plates start from $9.5 up to $14.50. 

You can rest assured there is plenty of food at this popular establishment for you to devour as you're gazing out at the plants.

It's in fact so popular that even Prime Minister Trudeau managed to make the trip to surprise the staff

Cafe La Forêt

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Bakery & restaurant

Address: 6848 Jubilee Ave., Burnaby, BC

Why You Need To Go: To feast your eyes at one of Metro Vancouver's greenest cafes that's got views to rival that of Bali.