A waterfall, but man-made. There's a gorgeous dam in North Vancouver just waiting to be discovered. The same path that leads to the dam will also bring you to a serene lake right behind. If you're looking to catch a lot of lovely views this summer, Cleveland Dam is the ultimate spot for you. 

Both the Cleveland Dam and Capilano Lake lie in the heart of the Capilano River Regional Park. The lake is so fresh and clear that it actually provides "pure drinking water" for a large chunk of Metro Vancouver, according to Vancouver North Shore. 

The views are something you have to see for yourself. To see both the dam and the lake, you need to get to the Cleveland Dam parking lot. 

This is located just north of Montroyal Boulevard in North Vancouver.

Note that you can't go inside the dam itself, and the north of the Cleveland dam is off-limits to the public as well. 

But there are plenty of trails around the canyon that'll let you see the top of the Cleveland Dam and then take you closer to the Capilano Lake. Just remember to stick to the path. 

The directions are fairly simple. From the west side of the parking lot, you can head up a concrete staircase that will take you to a wide field. This will be the perfect lookout for the Capilano Lake. 

The lake is actually a reservoir — completely man-made to produce drinking water. The fact that human creation could look so surreal and yet be so useful is simply amazing. 

At this lookout, you'll be able to see Grouse Mountain to the north. From the field, you'll notice a path as it dips into the road. Keep walking down the paved road and you'll be taken to the top of the Cleveland Dam. 

That's pretty much it. 

Obviously, you'll have to check whether the dam is operational on the day of your trip. But basically, if you can hear the sound of a powerful waterfall, you know it's open. 

The dam stands at 300 feet, whereas the lake that it blocks holds about 670 acres. 

It's so glorious and memorable that despite being a dam, this destination should absolutely be an entry in the list for Vancouver's most incredible waterfalls

There are a whole lot of other trails that will take you to other spectacular sights in the area. The eight-kilometre Capilano-Pacific Trail, for example, will send you to the beach shores of Ambleside Park. 

But if you want to see just the dam and the reservoir, it'll take very little effort. And the views will be just as appealing. 

Cleveland Dam & Lake Capilano 

Address: Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Feast your eyes on some of the most glorious man-made water creations in B.C. 

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