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Reckless Motorboat Driver Took Off After A 'Terrifying' Crash With A Canoe In BC

A man witnessed his wife getting hit while canoeing.
Motorboat Accident In BC Sends Woman In A Canoe To The Emergency Room

A terrifying boating accident took place in B.C. recently. A man witnessed his wife getting hit by a motorboat while they were canoeing on a Cultus Lake. The lake is very popular and there were several witnesses to the motorboat accident. 

Narcity spoke with Rick Joe who was canoeing with his wife before she was struck by a careless driver on Wednesday, July 29. 

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According to Joe, he and his wife were out on their canoes on Cultus Lake at around 10 a.m. 

The two were just finishing up when they encountered a motorboat. The boat was sitting at a buoy marker for a few minutes and Joe assumed the passengers were out of the boat swimming, he told us.  

Joe went left in his canoe while his wife went right in hers.  

He remembers that just as his wife was in front of the boat, it started to move towards her. 

“And then they gunned it. I yelled for them to stop. That's when I saw there was was a person in the water being pulled on water skies,” said Joe.

“He fell into the water right away and the motorboat turned, hitting my wife in the back and sideswiped our cedar canoe that we built.”

The person who as driving the motorboat then turned and went back towards the person that was waterskiing, clearly not knowing they hit Joe’s wife, he said. 

Joe recalls that he was yelling at all five passengers on the boat and “not one of them knew what I was yelling about," he told us. 

It wasn’t until a younger female on the boat pointed to Joe’s wife and said they hit her that the party understood what happened. 

At the time, Joe’s wife was in the water hanging onto the canoe that was upside down. 

Watching the entire thing was a father and son who were also on the water at the time. 

The father's wife called the RCMP for help. 

According to a police report by the RCMP, they weren't able to find the person who was operating the motorboat at first. 

As the investigation unfolded, the suspect was identified and a 67-year-old man from Langley was charged under the “Canada Shipping Act (CSA) Small Vessel Regulation" for "operating a vessel without due care or consideration for other persons.”

Joe posted several photos on Facebook of the boat that hit his wife and the damage to their canoes. 

Following the incident, Joe’s wife went to the emergency unit right away and gave a statement. She is very sore, said Joe, adding that he is assumes she has some internal bruising. 

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