This Sugar Shack In BC Sells Maple Syrup On A Stick & You'll Feel Like A True Canadian

It can't get much more Canadian than hot maple syrup on snow, rolled up onto a stick for you to eat! Luckily, there's a spot in B.C. where you can go and try out the wintry tradition.

If you've never heard of this tasty treat before, it's actually an East Coast Canadian tradition, mostly in New Brunswick, Quebec, and Eastern Ontario. It's known as maple taffy or sugar on snow.

They make it by boiling maple syrup and then pouring it over snow. The freezing cold snow makes it harden up a bit, and you can roll the sweet syrup right onto a stick.

Then you simply eat it off of the stick! It's so delicious.

On the West Coast of Canada, it's actually a bit tricky to find some — unless you want to try to make it yourself. In my experience, heating up the maple syrup always ends in a very sticky disaster.

Plus, it's a super fun weekend activity in the winter, to go and get some maple taffy!

They make it right in front of you, and a lot of the time you get to roll up the semi-frozen syrup onto your own stick.

Maples' Sugar Shack is bringing the East Coast to the West Coast, offering up maple taffy at local farmers markets near Vancouver, B.C.

They also sell yummy-looking maple syrup in bottles, but their fresh maple taffy on snow is the show-stopper!

They move around, so you can stay up-to-date on their social media. You'll spot them in Whistler, at Granville Island, and markets in Vancouver.

If you want to feel a little extra Canadian, make sure to follow them and go for a sweet treat!

Maples' Sugar Shack

Price: $3 for a maple taffy.

Address: Vancouver, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: It's one of the most Canadian things ever, and it tastes amazing!


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