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What To Do In Whistler If You Only Have 48 Hours & Want To Have An Epic Fall Weekend Away

Whistler is packed full of activities and there are so many that it's hard to choose what to do when you're visiting — especially if it's just for a weekend.

From Vancouver, it's a two-hour drive to the village, making it the ideal spot to rent an Airbnb and have a cozy fall weekend.

You can get everything in one when you visit — hiking, shopping, amazing food, a night out, and incredible views. That's why it's such a popular destination and not just in the ski season.

If you want to have an amazing trip in just a couple of days, here is the ultimate itinerary for you.

Day 1

Wherever you're coming from, day one is for travel. The drive from Vancouver is incredible, with views of snowy mountains and the blue ocean the entire time.

If you are coming from Vancouver you'll pass through Squamish. It's the perfect halfway point to stop for snacks or a bite to eat.


Once you arrive, make the most out of your night and hit the town! The nightlife in Whistler is super fun, and everyone is beyond friendly.

Garfinkel's is pretty much the place you want to go for a crazy fun night.

If you're looking for something more relaxed, Longhorn Saloon is a great place to grab a drink and chill on the patio with outdoor fireplaces.

Day 2

You're going to want to squeeze all of your outdoor activities into day two of the trip, and there is no better way to see Whistler than from a hike.

So pack lunch because you're headed to Garibaldi Lake.

Yes, it's an 18-kilometre round-trip (yikes, I know!), but the view is so worth it. The lake is bright blue and has mountain peaks surrounding it. It's also insanely cold though, so dress warmly even on a sunny fall day!

This will definitely take you all day, so when you get home you'll want to cozy up in bed and call it a night. Netflix time?

If you're just not down for a super long hike, I get it. Try going to Lost Lake Park, which has an easy loop around it. The park is close to the village and gives you a stunning view of the mountains.


Day 3

The thing I love most about Whistler is that almost everywhere has outdoor heaters on their patio. This means brunch outside with a view of the mountains.

Crepe Montagne is a personal favourite of mine for a patio brunch in the village.

Make sure to hit up some of the shops on your way out. There's a Lululemon, Aritzia, Patagonia, and basically everything you could want, all in walking distance from each other.

Strolling through the village in fall is also gorgeous because all of the leaves turning bright colours.


On your drive home make sure to stop at Brandywine Falls. It's about 20 minutes from Whistler if you're heading towards Vancouver and a super quick pit-stop that will take your breathe away. The massive waterfall is something you don't want to miss.

Just pull off of the highway and walk a short distance from the parking lot to the lookout.


The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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