5 Cabins In BC That Couldn't Look Any More Canadian If They Tried

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5 Cabins In BC That Couldn't Look Any More Canadian If They Tried

The owners of these Airbnbs in B.C. were clearly keeping their Canadian roots in mind when they designed the properties.

B.C. is home to some of the most stunning views in Canada, and these Airbnbs allow you to experience all your surroundings while enjoying the comfort of a quintessential Canadian cabin.

Many of them are also outside of B.C.'s most populated areas, which means that if you get your timing right, you could be in luck and see the Northern Lights.

Here are five cabins in B.C. that just scream Canada.

Cozy Log Glamping Cabin

J.C. | Airbnb

Price: $167/night

Location: Revelstoke, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: The cute wooden cabin in the forest is a Canadian picture postcard. The interior continues the cozy wooden feel with robes, a plush leather couch and a king-size bed.


Da Cabane

Martin | Airbnb

Price: $250/night

Location: Squamish Valley, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: A log fire, a tree trunk for a kitchen table and branches at the top of the stairs — if this isn't the Canadian wilderness in a room, I don't know what is!


Paddle Inn

Natalia + Dave | Airbnb

Price: $240/night

Location: Sorrento, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Not only does this cabin in the middle of the woods have an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, it also has snowshoes strapped to one of the interior walls!


The Tofino Beach House

Jan Frederik | Airbnb


Location: Tofino, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: This has everything you'd want from a relaxing Vancouver Island property — stunning views, the beach for the summer and a cozy fire for the winter months. The interior is cleanly presented with modern features.


Whitetail Lodge

Jay | Airbnb

Price: $168/night

Location: Hedley, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Situated at Apex Mountain, this is a quintessential Canadian winter cabin. It has huge windows to take in the snowy views as well as decorative snowshoes, a stuffed deer head, skis and ski poles all hung on the walls.


These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.

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Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor
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