TikTokers From Toronto Are Roasting Vancouver For Being 'Dramatic' Over Snow & It's Heated


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A Toronto TikToker. Right: Cars driving through snow in Vancouver.

A Toronto TikToker. Right: Cars driving through snow in Vancouver.

After the weather forecast called for up to 15 centimetres of snow in Vancouver, the city turned into a total mess.

TikTokers from Toronto seemed to have no sympathy, taking to social media to express just how shocked they were to see how the West Coast Canadian city reacted to it all.

"POV: you're from Toronto and there's 5 centimetres of snow and everyone in Vancouver is shutting down — I feel like there's a state of emergency," one TikToker said.


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One person commented, "I moved here from Toronto 7 years ago. Every winter Vancouver acts like they’ve never seen snow before and the city shuts down."

"Ontario born and raised been in BC 13 years and it blows my mind every year when it snows," another person said.

A few Vancouver TikTokers spoke up too.

"We get the least amount of snow on average across Canada, we don't know how to act lol," one person said.

Another person said, "Vancouver is always so unprepared for snow... even tho it's in the forecast."

Others couldn't help but point out the fact that the West Coast city gets a whole different type of snow in comparison to Toronto.

"What I don't get is when people don’t realize that BC has a different type of snow. It’s never light fluffy cool snow it’s always wet yucky slushy," one person commented.

Another TikToker from Toronto straight up made fun of the fact that she was asked to work from home in Vancouver because it was too unsafe for her to go in to work.

Although, she wasn't mad about it.

"I love it thank you Vancouver ppl," she added.


but I love it thank you Vancouver ppl

One person responded to it by saying, "#vancouversoft."

While some agreed that Vancouver overreacted to the snow, others stood behind the employer's decision to have people stay home.

"People are dramatic here but it also IS unsafe because we fluctuate on the freezing point so it gets wet and then icy in a matter of hours," one person said.

"Downtown and main roads are fine but residential streets are so bad and the snow became hard and icy so it's hard to shovel them," another person added.

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