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5 Travel Horror Stories From Vancouver Airport & Someone Had Their Clothes Shredded

Yikes! ✈️

​People in YVR. Right: A woman with shredded clothes.

People in YVR. Right: A woman with shredded clothes.

Staff Writer

Vancouver International Airport has had its fair share of travel horror stories, from excessive wait times to delayed flights and lost luggage, and people are showing it all on TikTok

Whether you are planning on travelling through YVR soon, or are just looking to listen to some dramatic stories, you won't want to skip these wild videos.

One TikToker thought she was taking a quick trip from Vancouver to Calgary when she found her Air Canada flight had lost her luggage. The airline actually found it, but she was shocked when it was delivered completely shredded.

The video racked up 973,500 views.


can we get a BIG shout out to @aircanada for delivering my lost luggage to my hotel room. A call or note would have been nice but I guess this is okay too 🫠 #aircanadasucks #lostluggage #damagedluggage #aircanada #flightdrama #vancouver #yyccalgary #canada #flight #baggagecheck

Another TikToker had her flight completely cancelled and all of the sudden, the seats at Vancouver Airport became her new hotel room.


@flairairlines what’s happening mate? 🥲 had the nicest hotel room with the most quiet scenery! 😍 #flights #yvr #airport #flairairlines

When you think the airport security lineups will be super long like the ones in the past, but turns out, the longest lineup is sometimes at Starbucks.

Have you ever waited 30 minutes for a coffee?

"Just YVR things," said the TikToker.


Just YVR things, 30min line at Starbucks #greenscreenvideo #yvr #vancouver #vancouverairport #travel

On that note, another TikToker shared her terrible experience trying to find food in the Vancouver airport. Basically nothing was opened, but A&W saved the day... kinda?

"Also A&W had no fries," the TikToker said.

Nobody wants to fly hangry.


Guess where i’m going 😜🥸 also A&W had no fries. None 😭 #yvrinternationalairport #airportlife #vancouverinternationalairport

This TikToker waited for their Air Canada connection in YVR, much longer than anticipated.

Let's just say, she got to watch the sunset from the waiting areas at the airport.


Another day of Air Canada delays 😡 #aircanada #aircanadadelays #flightdelay #delayedflights😭😭 #canadatravelnewstoday #yvr #vancouver #vancouverinternationalairport #fypシ #viral #aircanadasucks

With all these not-so-pleasant travel TikToks, you might just want to take some things into consideration, like eating beforehand and bringing carry-on luggage.

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