BC Tweeted Out A Tsunami Warning & Immediately Took It Back But The Damage Was Done

But there were some waves of panic.
Tsunami Warning In BC Went Out & Was Immediately Taken Back But The Damage Was Done

After an official agency sent out a tsunami warning in B.C., many British Columbians were concerned.

Minutes later, the agency corrected themselves and said that there was no warning and more info was on its way — but the damage was done and not as many people retweeted the correction as they did the original mistaken tweet.

Narcity reached out to Emergency Management BC who said that they apologized "for any concern this may have caused, and we are looking at ways to prevent this from happening in the future."* 

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On Monday, October 19 in the afternoon, the Emergency Info BC Twitter page sounded the alarm. 

But just eight minutes later, they made a correction.

Then, they said to stay tuned to find out Canada-specific information after the quake.

More than two hours after their original announcement, they said that there was actually no threat at all to the province.

That didn't stop people from voicing concerns and seeming worried about their first tweet.

*This article has been updated.