An early weather forecast for the Victoria Day weekend in 2021 has been released and three provinces are expected to feel the heat as if it were the summer.

According to The Weather Network, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are forecasted to have above-normal temperatures that will continue through the May long weekend.

Atlantic Canada will be colder than normal, with temperatures that feel like they belong in April rather than the end of May, and Alberta and B.C. will be on the chilly side but still within a few degrees of seasonal.

There's some uncertainty from Southern Ontario all the way to Southern Quebec because the region is setting up to be a "battlefield" between warm, summer-like weather to the west and cold weather to the east. Where the boundary ends will decide what temperatures are like for Ontarians and Quebecers.

At this point, The Weather Network is predicting that it's more likely that Southern Ontario will enjoy warmer weather for Victoria Day.