On Saturday, January 8, Oak Bay Police assisted University of Victoria security in breaking up a group of students who were breaking B.C. gathering limits by a long shot. 

Police tweeted a photo of the gathering, saying that a couple of the students refused to leave and were each given $230 tickets. 

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Disappointing given [the] efforts most are making to limit COVID spread. Oak Bay Police

Ray Bernoties of the police service wrote on Twitter that the group had about 100 people congregating and most of them cooperated when asked to disperse. 

He said he wasn't defending them, but that he isn't exactly proud of the decisions he made at age 18, either. 

According to Victoria Buzz, the two students who received tickets were both 18 years old — one man and one woman. 

Saanich Police were also called in to assist. 

While fines for gathering in the first place were not issued, the two tickets that were given out were a result of refusing to comply under the Emergency Protection Act. 

At present, the B.C. health orders do not allow any gatherings, indoors or outdoors.