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'Wednesday' Star Gwendoline Christie Loves The Addams Family Vibe & She Grew Up A 'Misfit'

"This was a family that might just embrace me as their own."

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Gwendoline Christie. Right: Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems in "Wednesday."

Gwendoline Christie. Right: Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems in "Wednesday."

Narcity, Vlad Cioplea | Netflix

Gwendoline Christie says she's always had a thing for the oddball vibes of the Addams Family, so being a part of the new Netflix show Wednesday was a no-brainer when she got the chance.

Christie stars in the spinoff as Larissa Weems, principal of Nevermore Academy, a school for outsiders that Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) attends in the eight-episode series.

"The Addams Family was really special to me, as someone that often felt like an outsider in society and a misfit. It felt like this was a family I could identify with, this was a family that might just embrace me as their own," she said in a recent interview with Narcity.

"Also, they all looked incredible and had an incredible sense of style and for all of its sort of pointedness about more Gothic sensibility and jokes about death and more morbid elements, it's always been very funny and very light. It attracted me to no end for all of those reasons."

Gwendoline Christie On Bringing The Addams Family To A New Generation & Working With Tim

Christie is no stranger to the fantasy genre. The English actress has played Lucifer in the Netflix series The Sandman, Brienne of Tarth in Games of Thrones and Captain Phasma in two Stars Wars films.

"I think that they are the worlds that seem to be coming to me. It's not all I'm interested in and it's not all that I do," Christie noted.

"I think the fantasy realms, these worlds are about an existence that is hyper-real, that is something other and there are characters within that that are extraordinary. Their extraordinariness is accepted and embraced and celebrated. I think that's probably why I often end up there."

She says she feels privileged that she has had the opportunity to be around so many great directors throughout her career, including Tim Burton for the Wednesday series.

"I've wanted to work with Tim my entire life," she said. "I truly felt liberated by Tim. He gave me so much confidence and my desire to experiment and to create. He really meant it when he said he wanted to be collaborative."

The Game of Thrones actress says Burton allowed her to truly create the character of Larissa.

"Few people would have the vision to see me in this particular way," she said of the character. "But Tim and Colleen [Atwood], and our brilliant hair and makeup department, they all saw it and our great writers and went with it and it worked."

The show itself is classic Burton, with Wednesday facing many dark and mysterious challenges as she makes her way through school at Nevermore.

One of those challenges is that Larissa has beef with Wednesday's mom Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) dating back to their school days.

"I got to inhabit a space of this sort of this Hitchcockian style woman (...) but rather than her being the victim of her own trauma, she's in charge of her own destiny, she is trying to control it," Christie told Narcity.

"She is also entangled with this very intense relationship with this rebellious student and that felt interesting to me."

Gwendoline Christie On Being ‘Starstruck’ Working With The ‘Wednesday’ Cast

Christie, Zeta-Jones and Ortega star in the series alongside Luis Guzman and original Wednesday actress Christina Ricci, who plays a different role this time.

Wednesday is now available on Netflix.

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    Associate Editor, Global
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