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The 99 Cent Wendy's Frosty Joins Canada's List Of Cheap Summer Treats

There are plenty of ways to cool off.
The 99 Cent Wendy's Frosty Joins Canada's List Of Cheap Summer Treats

Summer is here, and Canadians are in for a hot one. Luckily, there are some great ways to cool off, including the Wendy's 99 cent Frosty. It joins the growing list of cool treats on offer to overheated canucks.

This deal is on until September 8, so anyone looking for a cool, sweet treat to take the edge off the summer heat is in luck.

Parts of the country are expected to enter a fairly intense heatwave. Temperatures in Ottawa are set to skyrocket into the 40s, and it's not expected to cool down for at least a week.

Even Nunavut had a heat warning in June, and that's when you know that the summer season really means business.

In addition to this deal, overheated Canadians can find at least a few other ways to cool off.

Burger King is still offering $1 soft-serve cones, in addition to $2 mini-shakes.

Then again, they also have deep-fried KD bites available now, so they seem to be riding the line between serving both hot and cold snacks.

Then there's always the dollar drink days at McDonald's, which is almost like its very own fast food holiday that people wait all year for. 

Even Starbucks has new drinks on its summer menu, so anyone looking to get refreshed doesn't have to just resort to the same old cold brews and frappuccinos.

As for other ways to beat the heat, you can go even more Canadian with a scoop of butter tart ice cream from Baskin Robbins, or just get some of your own from Halo Top.

Calgary Residents can get a cool taste of Disney World with a Dole whip from the Inglewood Drive-In.

Basically, Canadians have no shortage of cold treats to choose from. You might just want to find shady spots to enjoy them.