These 9 Signs Prove That Canadian Life Is Starting To Get Back To Normal

Anyone else starting to feel 2019 vibes up in here?

These 9 Signs Prove That Canadian Life Is Starting To Get Back To Normal

It has been a long and difficult year for people around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered life as we knew it.

While the pandemic is still very much present, we are beginning to see some signs of going back to normal in Canada.

As many provinces and territories make significant strides towards reopening and things we used to take for granted (like eating at restaurants or going to the movies) begin to come back into the fold, it's worth celebrating the shifts towards pre-COVID-19 life.

We've rounded up a list of some signs that Canada is starting to get back to normal and we're pretty sure we'll never take those little pleasures for granted again.

Here are some things unfolding around our country that that give us a little sense of nostalgia and excitement.

The Calgary Stampede Is Making A Comeback

The Calgary Stampede, also known as the greatest outdoor show on Earth, has announced that it will be making a comeback in July 2021. While the festival will be a little bit different than what we've seen in the past, you can still expect a ton of food, rides, beer gardens, rodeo activities and so much more. Alberta is slated to move into the final stage of the provincial reopening plan in early July, which is just in time for Stampede, should everything go as planned.

BC Is Bring Back Recreational Travel Within The Province

British Columbians have been under strict travel restrictions for a while now, confining them to their health regions only. But during step two of the reopening plan, locals will be able to move freely around the province once more. So camping, visits to the Island and road trips are back on the itinerary for summer.

Montreal's Terrasses Are Back In Action

If you've ever been to Montreal, you know that locals take patio season very seriously. Patios (known as terrasses in Quebec) have started to open back up and they are already exploding with excited Montrealers enjoying summer weather and drinks. Restaurant patios are already open and bar patios are slated to open on June 11, each of which has some health measures in place. Nothing says summer like an outdoor drink in Montreal.

NHLers Will Be Crossing The Border

The Stanley Cup Semifinals and Finals are on the way and the Government of Canada has agreed to make an exemption to border restrictions so that American NHLers can come over and play on Canadian soil. Nothing says pre-pandemic life more than a massive sporting event, even more so between two teams from different countries.

Billie Eilish's World Tour Is Coming To Canada

It's no secret that Canadians have been missing live music throughout the pandemic, so why not kick down the door with one of music's biggest names and go see Billie Eilish in person? The superstar will be coming to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in winter and spring of 2022 and tickets are already on sale.

Ontario Is Moving Into Step 1 Of Reopening

After a long year of restrictions and lockdowns, Ontario is moving into step one of the province's reopening plan on Friday, June 11. Things like outdoor gatherings and patio dining will be back on the agenda, and luckily, this is unfolding just in time for another scorching summer in Ontario.

100-Person Outdoor Gatherings Are Allowed In Yukon

Yukon is seriously loosening its COVID-19 restrictions and a big part of that has to do with gatherings. As of now, Yukoners can gather in groups of 20 indoors with masks and groups of up to 100 outdoors with physical distancing. If you haven't seen your friends in a while, imagine seeing 99 of them (at a distance, of course).

Cineplex Is Reopening Across Alberta

If you've been missing the movie-going experience, you don't have to miss it for much longer. Cineplex theatres are reopening across Alberta on June 10 and there are some exciting new releases for your viewing pleasure. Of course, there are health measures in place.

Two-Dose Fall

Justin Trudeau says that we can look forward to a "one-dose summer" where some health restrictions can be lifted. But beyond that, he says we can get hyped for a "two-dose fall," when most Canadians will have two COVID-19 vaccine doses and we can return to a relatively normal, pre-pandemic life. We've been through it over the past several months, and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.