If you've been wondering when will COVID-19 end, there's no definite date, but Dr. Theresa Tam said that we can reduce the need for strong restrictions by September.

During a press conference, she noted that vaccines play a key role in the return to the life that we once knew because when more people are vaccinated, a resurgence is less likely.

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I do believe that between now and September we're going to see some really great impacts from vaccines. Dr. Theresa Tam

Tam said that depending on factors like vaccine uptake, monitoring of virus variants, the epidemic curve, and how much vaccine coverage there is, Canada will have the ability to shift some public health measures even before September.

Even though she can't put a date on getting back to normal, she said having everybody vaccinated is "a massive step towards returning to a more normal life."

Canada has the goal of getting a vaccine to everyone who wants one by September, and Tam said it's a good time to aim for because we need to ensure there's not another fall/winter wave.

That means that the need for restrictive measures could be reduced by then.

Tam does believe we'll still need some infection prevention measures, though.

The country's vaccine timeline was updated recently, showing that more people can get vaccinated by June and that the entire population could be vaccinated by September.