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Here's Which Provinces & Territories Have Access To Canada's Vaccine Passport System

And here's what to do if you live in a province that doesn't. ➡️

Here's Which Provinces & Territories Have Access To Canada's Vaccine Passport System

If you're travelling outside of the country anytime soon, it might be worth checking if you live in a province with access to Canada's international vaccine passport.

Canada announced the new standardized system on Thursday, October 21, but not every province is part of things just yet — here's how to check if you're in one that is.

If you live in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut, you now automatically have access to the standardized vaccine passport.

Even though these provinces and territories have separate vaccine passports, each one will have the authorized Government of Canada logo — flag and all — to verify that it's Canadian issued and can be accepted internationally.

The rest of the country — B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, P.E.I. and New Brunswick — is expected to issue the standardized proof of vaccination before the end of November, according to government officials.

But officials also said that Canadians in those five provinces will be able to use their own certificates for now as long as they include their name, date of birth, type of vaccine doses and the date they received their doses.

Speaking about the changes on October 21, Justin Trudeau said he's "very confident" other countries will accept the new standardized version of the vaccine passports.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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