In Manitoba, COVID-19 fines that were given out in a single week topped $126,000.

According to the provincial government, a total of $126,082 worth of fines were racked up by businesses and individuals between November 16 and November 22 which is way up from $49,992 the previous week.

There were 79 warnings and 95 tickets given out which is also an increase from the week before when 54 warnings and 30 tickets were handed out.

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$126,082 fines racked up in Manitoba from November 16 to November 22

There were nine tickets of $5,000 issued to businesses in the province along with 55 tickets of $1,296 to individuals and three band bylaw tickets were given out by the Manitoba First Nations Police Service.

A specific fine of $298 was put in place a week earlier for not wearing a mask in indoor public places which is required by public health orders.

So far, 28 tickets have been given out for that specifically.

Back in October, the province also increased fines for businesses and individuals who don't comply with health orders.

A total of 388 warnings and 307 tickets have been issued in Manitoba between April and November which have resulted in more than $390,000 in fines.

The fines racked up from November 16 to November 22 account for more than 30% of that total amount since April.