When it comes to work-life balance in Canada, four cities stood out as some of the best in the world in a recent study.

According to a 2021 ranking done by tech company Kisi, Ottawa is the best city in Canada in terms of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, five spots behind the highest-ranked global city: Helsinki, Finland.

Ottawa is two spots ahead of Vancouver in eighth, followed by Calgary in 13th and Toronto in 14th.

The ranking features cities in Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and elsewhere, and measures things like unemployment, minimum vacations offered, paid parental leave, COVID support, healthcare, and housing affordability.

Canada has the second-highest amount of entries on the 50-city list, only behind the U.S. with 17.

What makes Canada so highly ranked?

Canada's cities all score highly in a few key ranking categories.

Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver are four of the top five cities when it came to access to healthcare, and Ottawa and Calgary were tied for first with a perfect air quality score.

Toronto is the fifth best city for happiness, culture and leisure, behind only Helsinki, Melbourne, Zurich and Copenhagen.

And Ottawa clinched its sixth-place position with the second-highest ranking in the outdoor spaces category.