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You Can Save Money At Your Favourite Stores In Canada With SPC's Free Trial

Get free access to over 450 shopping deals until July 31.

Shopaholics and brand-lovers unite! It's time for the ultimate shopper's dream: discounts at hundreds of retailers both in-store and online. This dream is actually becoming a reality with SPC (Student Price Card). For the first time ever in SPC history, high school, university, college, and grad students can get a free trial of the program until July 31. 

So, why should you be interested? Well, an SPC membership gives you access to exclusive discounts at hundreds of stores (over 450 discounts to be exact), but there are also limited-time deals when stores offer additional discounts to SPC members. Who doesn't love a good shopping deal?

SPC works with hundreds of brands to help students save on fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Some of the top brands that you can save at include Apple, Samsung, Roots, American Eagle, The Source, and Indigo. Phew — the list seriously goes on. You can check out their available deals right on their website.

Want to reward yourself for a successful school year with a pair of new sneakers? SPC's got you covered with discounts at Yellow, Adidas, and Footlocker. Maybe you're more interested in achieving your summer glow-up after pulling too many all-nighters; check out deals at NYX, Kiehl's, and Urban Decay. Looking to get fit this season? Browse savings at GNC, Vega, or Lifecycle Spin Studio.   

You've likely heard of SPC before. And hey — maybe you even had a membership once. They've been around for 28 years, after all. But for anyone who hasn't used it before, it's a program dedicated to helping students save money.

The goal of membership is to make student life better. SPC doesn't just have great discounts for you to enjoy during the summer, but it can also be super helpful during the school year. Need new glasses or a laptop upgrade? How about some delicious grub or fun beats to motivate you while studying? Heck, they even offer rebates at bookstores for the University of Lethbridge and Thompson Rivers University.

From school essentials and tech gadgets to fun activities and travel deals, SPC has endless deals to simplify your student life and help you save cash!  

If you're interested, you can easily sign up for the free SPC trial until July 31. All you have to do is make an account on their website. Legit: you don't even have to provide any credit card information for your free trial, either. Just login and start saving, saving, saving!

The reason the SPC team decided to offer a free trial for the first time in 28 years is because of their dedication to helping students save during COVID-19. This is to support students over the next month to save on food, electronics, or any other items you might need. And we are SO here for it!

Aside from a free membership and deals until the end of July, any student that activates an account during the free trial period will be offered a discount off the regular SPC membership fee. SPC memberships cost $10 per year. If you make an account during the free trial, you'll be able to save 20% off the membership cost if you renew in August when the trial ends.

To sign up for your free trial, visit the SPC website to create an account and get started. 

Ready to get started with your free SPC trial? Create your account on their website. Check out SPC's Instagram or Facebook for more information.