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The entrance of a Zara store.

The entrance of a Zara store.

Sure, you could give up shopping, but you aren't a quitter. Before you treat yourself to a new outfit, make sure to try out these easy ways to save money at Zara Canada.

It is hard not to love the popular clothing store, as you can find so many outfits no matter if you are looking for something trendy or timeless.

But waiting for Black Friday isn't the only way to save your cash. Here are all the shopping secrets you need to know.

Don't Miss The Special Prices Collection

Details: Did you know Zara has an entire page on their website dedicated to special price discounts? Here you can find items on a huge markdown, such as tops and jackets up to 45% off.

Stop Paying For Delivery

Details: Don't waste your money paying $4.95 for delivery. If your order is at least $50, it will ship for free.

Sign Up For The Newsletter

Details: You can subscribe to their newsletter to make sure you never miss out on new products or the next huge sale.

Shop Online For More Products

Details: If you shop online, you can enjoy a more extensive selection than what is available in-store. Who knows, you might be able to find a cheaper option for that tee or bag you need.

Wait For The End Of Season Sales

Details: It is worth waiting for the major end-of-season sales, as you can save up to 80% on clothes and accessories.

Filter By Price

Details: To find the best deals, make sure to take advantage of the option to filter by price. With a click of your mouse, you can filter to see only items under $20, so you won't be tempted to splurge on things out of your budget.

Head To The Back Of The Store

Details: If you are shopping in-store, head to the back as that is where you'll often find the most affordable items.

Take Advantage Of The Return Policy

Details: If you bought something and don't love it, you can get your money back. Zara offers a flexible 30-day return policy.

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