Zendaya Took Labrinth's Coachella Performance To The Next Level & 'Euphoria' Fans Freaked Out

It was her first live performance in years!

Zendaya and Labrinth performing together during Coachella. Right: Zendaya performing at Coachella.
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Zendaya and Labrinth performing together during Coachella. Right: Zendaya performing at Coachella.

Euphoria fans are used to hearing Labrinth's music while watching Zendaya act in the show, but they got a rare treat at Coachella over the weekend when the actress actually joined the band on stage.

Zendaya surprised the 2023 Coachella crowd by taking the stage with Labrinth to perform their Emmy-nominated hit "I’m Tired," along with "All For Us" during the second weekend of Coachella, reported Variety.

Zendaya's spent the last several years working on her acting career in such films as Marvel's Spider-Man movies and Dune. However, she's also a singer, and she stunned the Coachella crowd with her impressive vocals and energetic dance moves.

Zendaya appeared on the stage dressed in a Euphoria-inspired outfit featuring a pink corset top and frilly skirt, and fans of the show could not get enough of it.

It was her first live performance in seven years, according to Yahoo, making the show that much more special for fans of her music career.

Last year, Zendaya tweeted that she “stepped away from music quite a while ago” but still appreciated all the “kindness and support” she received from her fans because of her music.

She didn't tip anyone off about the appearance ahead of time, so fans were absolutely shocked when it happened.

"Iconic," tweeted one fan.

"Still not over the fact that this happened omg," wrote another.

After the performance, Zendaya thanked Labrinth and her fans for the “magical night” on her Instagram story.

"I cannot express my gratitude enough for this magical night. Thank you, my brother Labrinth for inviting me and giving me the most beautiful safe space to be on a stage again,” read her post.

"And to the crowd tonight ... wow ... my heart is so full," Zendaya wrote. "I can't thank you enough for the love I received tonight, made all my nerves melt away, I'm so grateful.”

Zendaya co-wrote two Emmy-nominated songs for the show: "I'm Tired" and "Elliot's Song."

Labrinth's song "All For Us" closed out Season 1 of the HBO series, and Zendaya’s Coachella performance of the track left fans feeling euphoric.

Sia also made a surprise appearance during Labrinth’s performance of "Thunderclouds," another highlight of the show.

It's unclear when we'll get to see Zendaya sing again or when we'll get Euphoria Season 3, but she'll be back for Dune Part II when it comes out at the end of 2023.

Sameen Chaudhry
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