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7 Adorable Alberta Towns To Put On Your Fall Bucket List

The Hallmark vibes are SO real. 🏘️
8 Small Alberta Towns To Put On Your Fall Bucket List

You may think of fall as the season of pumpkin spice and Halloween but it's also an awesome time to get out of the city and check out some adorable towns nearby. Visiting small towns in Alberta will make your fall bucket list all the more exciting. Be careful, you might want to leave the city for good after seeing this list. 

Many of these little places are known for their spectacular sights, charming restaurants, and a high standard of hospitality. 

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Alberta has countless scenic destinations that attract travellers from all over the world. But many forget about the tiny towns that sit nearby and are just waiting to be discovered. 

These spots have such strong Hallmark movie vibes that you'll want to settle down, run a bed and breakfast, and find yourself someone to marry. 

But for now, you can just explore the area by popping in all the shops, seeing the sights, and eating everything you come across. 

Making the trip to these gems during fall is a great choice if you want to avoid the overwhelming crowds that flood them during the summer. 

And you don't have to worry about dealing with the harsh winter conditions. You can just take your time and stroll down the streets while taking in every little bit of what the town offers. 


Why You Need To Go: This lovely Rocky Mountain town sits between Calgary and Banff and is completely surrounded by massive, awe-inspiring mountains. There are tons of small local businesses to check out and endless places to explore nearby.


Why You Need To Go: Known as the wildflower capital of Canada, this wonderful hamlet in Southern Alberta has everything — towering mountains, breathtaking lakes, staggering waterfalls, and a Swiss Inn-spired hotel that'll leave you taking photos at every turn.

Bragg Creek

Why You Need To Go: This classic town outside Calgary will transport you to the gun-slinging, boot-scootin' days of the Wild West. It's so old school that you'll have to see it yourself to appreciate its charm.


Why You Need To Go: This surreal town is just as enchanting as Banff but with way less hustle and bustle. It's in close proximity to some incredibly scenic locations, including classic sparkling lakes and a SkyWalk adventure.


Why You Need To Go: This little community south of Calgary is home to some super unique restaurants, believe it or not. There's even a cafe that is totally 2D. Plus, it's close to the Big Rock attraction that the town was named after.


Why You Need To Go: This is a bigger town than others but it's a little bit of a hidden gem so you should explore it anyways. From the world's largest fishing hook and sandy beaches to old-timey museums that'll send you to Paris circa 1840, it deserves to be appreciated.


Why You Need To Go: This wonderful farm town in central Alberta has a historical railway and theatre that brings visitors from all across the province. A phenomenal day trip that you won't soon forget.