A Facebook Name Change Is Coming & The Internet Didn't Hold Back With Its Suggestions

Facebook, but make it not Facebook 🥸

A Facebook Name Change Is Coming & The Internet Didn't Hold Back With Its Suggestions
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You've probably thought about it. You've had a bad few weeks, something embarrassing just happened at work, you keep running into your ex and you really can't deal with being where you are.

So what if you just changed your name?

Facebook is apparently thinking about doing something like that. Facebook Inc. is planning on changing its name, according to The Verge.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook will reportedly keep their names, but the parent company will be called something else, although it hasn't said anything about it to date.

So the next time Facebook and Instagram go down, there will be a new name to blame.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg hasn't shared details of the new name, but The Verge reports that it'll be chosen with Facebook's "metaverse" in mind.

And no, that's not a thing from a Marvel movie. It's a term that refers to digital spaces that use virtual or augmented reality.

"Our next chapter is to transition from being a social media company to a metaverse company," Zuckerberg wrote back in July.

The Verge suggests that Facebook's new name might have something to do with "Horizon," a virtual reality platform the company has been developing, although that hasn't been confirmed.

Internet users had their own suggestions for the new name this week.

The move is similar to that of Google, which is owned by parent company Alphabet. Google is just one of several companies under Alphabet, along with others such as Sidewalk Labs and self-driving car company Waymo.

Zuckerberg is expected to speak about the name change at a company event next Thursday.

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