Miners in Uruguay just dug up a massive crystal in a new mine that held a secret inside. 

When they split open the rock, they found a naturally-shaped amethyst heart sparkling inside.

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We just found this amazing amethyst heart at our new mine😱😱😱  Uruguay Minerals

Workers at Uruguay Minerals found the glittering purple gem that is a true work of art designed by Mother Nature herself.

The miners had no idea that they would find such a marvel, in fact, they were struggling to start the excavation of the new Santa Rosa mine. 

Amethyst Crystal Uruguay Mine The New Treasure | Uruguay Minerals

One of the miners even joked, "We have to find something amazing due to the hard work we have to do here."

And they certainly did unearth something spectacular when they cracked open the geode.

The once-in-a-lifetime find is being called a "treasure" by the company. 

"This is very unique and it’s the first time we found something like this," said Marcos Lorenzelli, the director of Uruguay Minerals.