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A TikTok User Tracked Every Time His Fiancee Yelled At Him & He's Getting So Many Red Flags

He took $1 off her Valentine’s Day gift for every incident 😬

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A TikTok User Tracked Every Time His Fiancée Yelled At Him & He's Getting So Many Red Flags

If you had a dollar for every time you argued with your partner, how much money would you have?

A man on TikTok took the opposite approach for Valentine's Day this year, and his unusual way of tracking his fiancee's temper is sparking a lot of feelings on social media.

TikTok user Isaac Ramirez (@iisaac.ramirezz) said he put aside $360 last year for his partner's Valentine's Day gift. Then he said he started tracking how often she yelled at him and removed $1 from the fund each day it happened.

When the time came to buy his fiancee a gift, Ramirez says he had just $40 left.

He explains the whole scheme in a TikTok video that has been watched more than 9 million times so far.

"I saved myself $320," he writes in the video.

The clip shows Ramirez's Valentine's fund in one envelope and the subtracted cash in another envelope that reads "Treat Yourself King."

"Now all she's getting is flowers and chocolates," reads the caption of the video.


Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates #MACChallengeAccepted #GetTheWChallenge #TeamofTomorrow

Millions have watched his videos, but not necessarily because they were inspired. Instead, many people saw the move as a relationship red flag, and they were not sympathetic in the comments.

"Yeah because punishing people for emotions is definitely the way to a healthy relationship," said one person in the comments of a reposted version of the clip.

"I'm no expert, but is this a healthy way to behave in a relationship?" commented a second person.

"Y’all are more upset about him taking money from her gift than potential emotional abuse," added another.

Many saw the whole situation as a red flag and suggested the couple should break up.

Ramirez eventually posted a video in response to those who suggested he add $1 "every time she did something nice."

"She did my laundry yesterday but she still yelled at me, so now her total is at $39.50," said the narration, sparking a new round of angry comments.

Ramirez's latest video shows what the couple ended up getting each other for Valentine's Day. According to the video, he bought her some Ariana Grande perfume while she bought him a laptop and plates for his PlayStation 5.


She yells a lot but she’s a good gift giver 🥺 #LaysGoldenDuet #SoFiBreakUpChallenge #MACChallengeAccepted @iisaac.ramirezz

"Now I feel bad," he wrote. "She yells a lot but she's a good gift giver."

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