A TikToker Visited A US Walmart & Said Canadian Stores 'Are So Plain' In Comparison (VIDEO)​

"This is witchcraft and I want it." 😂

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TikToker @taryn_ss9 showing inside a U.S. Walmart.

TikToker @taryn_ss9 showing inside a U.S. Walmart.

Discovering new stores when you travel is all kinds of fun, but comparing them to the ones you also have at home can lead to some surprises.

TikToker Taryn (@taryn_ss9), who recently visited a Walmart in the U.S., couldn't help but notice that Canadian Walmarts are "so plain" in comparison.

"Going into an American Walmart as a Canadian is one of the craziest experiences you'll ever have," she said as she looked around the store in apparent wonder.

She first showed off some very punk plaid skirts before marvelling at the sheer amount of jeans available.

"I'm not even anywhere cool," Taryn hilariously noted. "I'm in Ohio. Ohio."

Things got even more exciting when she visited the food section.

"Can anyone tell me why there are so many freaking bags of cereal?" she asked. "I thought it was dog food. It's cereal. "

Next up was the toys section, where she spotted a small cauldron, saying, "This is witchcraft and I want it."


Canadian Walmarts are so plain in comparison 😭😭😭 #fyp #foryoupage #travel #vlog #ohio #walmart

She also spotted a giant bunny costume and had a highly relatable reaction.

"I want to get in it so bad," she said. "I want to get in it so bad."

And lastly, Taryn had a fit of giggles over a very sad little stuffed bear holding a broken heart whose t-shirt said "Bye-Bye."

Over in the comments, people shared their similar reactions to visiting the U.S. version of the store.

"Their Walmarts are crazy! I get like this every time I go over there lol," one person said.

"This is FACTS! Such a shock going to an American Walmart… they have so much more stuff," said another.

"I got lost in an American Walmart over the summer and it unlocked something primal in me," one person hilariously shared. "Just seeing the liquor aisle triggered my fight or flight."

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