We Asked 'What's Something That Feels Illegal In Canada But Isn't?' & The Replies Are So Good

"Cheering for the Leafs." 💀

Adirondack chairs by a mountain.

Adirondack chairs by a mountain.

While there are plenty of actual rules and laws that exist in Canada, there are some cases where certain behaviours feel a little questionable but are actually totally legit.

Over on Narcity Canada's Facebook page, we recently asked, "What's something that feels illegal to do in Canada but you know isn't?"

With almost 250 responses, here are some of the top comments:

"The amount I’m being charged on my Telus cell phone bill," said one person, which was echoed a few times in the thread.

While marijuana is now legal in Canada, "smoking weed" came up as it definitely was a practice that wasn't allowed back in the day.

Speaking of adult substances, to one person, drinking "wine and beer in a park while picnicking in Montreal" feels illegal, which is fair since in some other places in Canada you can't have alcohol in parks.

People also griped about the toll some practices take on your wallet.

"Paying the costs of car insurance in Canada feels like being squeezed by a gangster," one person wrote, with another saying, "Pay fees to go to a different ATM than your bank."

For the hockey lovers out there, apparently "cheering for the Leafs" is something that feels illegal, as is "being a Bruins fan."

As well, "not tipping," "disliking Tim Hortons" and putting "ketchup on poutine" made the list.

While disliking Timmies might run counter to our collective cultural identity, you're allowed to feel any type of way about it — just maybe don't try out the Wayne Gretzky drink!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.