An American Shared What Canadians 'Do Right' & Said There Might Be Some Hot Takes (VIDEO)

"Take your crusty shoes off before you enter my home."

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TikToker sabriena_abrre sharing things that Canadians "do right."

TikToker sabriena_abrre sharing things that Canadians "do right."

While some may think that Americans and Canadians have a lot in common due to our proximity to one another, one TikToker is setting the record straight.

Sabriena Abrre (@sabriena_abrre), who used to live in Utah but now lives in Canada, recently shared her "list of things Canadians do right," noting that some of these may or may not be "hot takes."

Her first thing on the list is "no shoes in the house."

"Listen, living in the States... I feel like no matter whose house I entered, it was just like a toss-up," she explained. "I didn't know if they were gonna make me take off my shoes, I don't know if I should leave them on."

"Since living in Canada, it's just a widespread, unspoken rule: you take your shoes off to be polite," she said. "And now I will never have it any other way in my home. Take your crusty shoes off before you enter my home."

Next up on her list is fast food, with Abrre noting that one burger from In-N-Out has her "rolling over dead," but that she can eat tons of McDonald's in Canada without feeling overwhelmed.

"Next one is self-explanatory: a holiday every month," Abrre noted. "At first this really annoyed me. And then I'm like, 'Who doesn't want time off work every single month?' It's just a beautiful way to live."

She also appreciates that Canada has an earlier Thanksgiving as it gives her permission to start celebrating Christmas right on November 1 after Halloween.

"We need a full two months to celebrate Christmas," she explained. "But there's so many Americans that are like, 'Oh, you're setting up your Christmas tree, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet.'"

As well, she's also a fan of the fact that Canadians "love their pizza with sauce" and that there are so many good places to get wings north of the border.


Maybe these are hot takes🤨 Maybe they’re not🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t make the rules around here #thingscanadiansdo #canadavsusa #usavscanada #greenscreen

One of the items on her list was just represented by some green leaves, which one can perhaps interpret to be the availability of legal marijuana in Canada.

And the last thing on her list? Poutine.

"I used to think it was the grossest thing in the world," Abrre shared. "I was like why the hell would you have cheese curds on fries with gravy? Like that's just so wrong."

She has since changed her ways and has fully embraced the iconic food.

"Since living here... man oh man, I can't go a week without having it, it's so good. Whoever invented it deserves a million kisses from me specifically."

We feel you!

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