A Ukrainian Refugee Got Real About One Thing That Canada Does Badly & He Has A Point (VIDEO)

"A few days ago, it was six months since we came here from Ukraine."

TikToker @newcanadians explaining what Canada does badly.

TikToker @newcanadians explaining what Canada does badly.

A newcomer to Canada has shared an observation he's noticed about the country and he says he's not the only one.

The TikTok account @newcanadians run by Semion, who moved to Canada from Ukraine during the war, generally shows all of the new exciting and confusing experiences he's had since arriving but he recently posted about his first ever complaint.

"A few days ago, it was six months since we came here from Ukraine," Semion said. "And actually yesterday was eight months since the war started in Ukraine."

He said in that time, he's been able to come to some conclusions.

"And one of the most noticeable for us for Ukrainians — and I'm not just saying my thoughts, but all the Ukrainians that came here with me like my colleagues and some of my friends — we all share the same observation that service in Canada is awful," he explained.

He said that in places like coffee shops, grocery stores, government offices and everywhere where you have to engage with people who provide some kind of service is "way worse" than in Ukraine.

"And by saying worse, I mean, it is way slower, everything is slower," Semion shared.


I hope you can forgive me for this #complaint :) #ukraine🇺🇦 #canada🇨🇦 #refugees

He gave an example of ordering a coffee and having it maybe taking 10 minutes, which he noted doesn't upset the people waiting in line.

"It's not like you have a bad service and you are all pissed about it," he said, explaining that Ukrainians would want to speak to the manager if it took "longer than three seconds."

"I mean, that's kinda like overall feeling about the service: longer and usually it's like service provided with really relaxed attitude," Semion concluded.

That being said, he's posted about many of his outings where he's had a great time, such as trying poutine, BeaverTails and going to Canadian Tire.

Hopefully the experience makes up for the service!

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