A Newcomer To Canada Experienced His First Snow & He Hopes There Will Be 'No More' (VIDEO)

"The wind was so strange that I was afraid that my nose would freeze."

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TikToker @makhnachov experiencing his first snow in Canada.

TikToker @makhnachov experiencing his first snow in Canada.

As people living in this country know, winter in Canada is no joke — and a newcomer is finding that out the hard way.

TikToker Andrian Makhnachov (@makhnachov) moved to Saskatchewan a few months ago as a refugee from Ukraine.

He's been documenting all of the fun and unexpected things he's learning about in the country, and he recently shared his experience with his first snow in Canada.

"Today I woke up at five in the morning without even suspecting that it would snow," Andrian said of the early winter weather. "I don't have winter shoes yet."

As he made his way outside, he encountered a new problem.

"The wind blew my bones," he said of the chill. "Good thing I have a hood. I decided to wear a mask to be warmer. And it really helped."

Despite stealing his brother's boots to help navigate the slippery sidewalks, Andrian explained they were too big for him, so he "barely made it."

"The wind was so strange that I was afraid that my nose would freeze," the TikToker shared. "The next morning there was more snow. I don't know how I will get to work in the winter."

"I hope I don't die. I hope there will be no more snow."


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He asked his viewers to comment on what he'll need to survive winter, which they did, but they also gently roasted him for hoping that this is the end of the snow.

"'I hope there will be no more snow' LOL IT HASNT EVEN STARTED YET this was just a test run," wrote one person.

"This is nothing for what’s coming sadly," wrote another.

"Oh man... it’s going to snow till like April. Better find some boots that fit soon," recommended another.

Best of luck, Andrian!

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Senior Staff Writer
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