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The First Full Moon Of 2021 Will Illuminate In The Night Sky This Week

North America will have a "perfect" view of the Wolf Moon🐺🌕
Wolf Moon January 2021

Following an exciting celestial end to 2020 with the Christmas Star and the Aurora dancing over the U.S., 2021 will see its first full moon of the year this week. 

On Thursday, January 28, a "Wolf Moon" will illuminate the night sky as the highest full Moon of the year.

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According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the January full Moon is called the Wolf Moon because "wolves were more often heard howling at this time."

In different cultures, it's also called the "Cold Moon," the "Frost Exploding Moon," and the "Freeze Up Moon," which all point to the harsh coldness of the season. 

Though full Moons are a monthly event, Forbes reported that North America will have the "perfect view" of this January's full Moon.

You'll want to look out for the Wolf Moon at moonrise and moonset when it turns a subtle yet dramatic orange color.

The key to getting that perfect view is to look out at dusk rather than in complete darkness. 

You can check the Old Farmer's Almanac moonrise and moonset calculator to figure out the perfect time to gaze at the night sky. 

There are so many celestial events in 2021 in Canada that you need to see and quite a few are happening throughout spring including incredible meteor showers, eclipses and supermoons.

Here are five that you should put on your calendar right now!

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