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Adele's Former English Teacher Surprised Her At A Show & The Singer's Reaction Is So Pure

Grab your tissue because you're about to get misty-eyed 🤧

Adele's Former English Teacher Surprised Her At A Show & The Singer's Reaction Is So Pure

We've seen Adele be her hilarious, relatable, honest self on many occasions, but it's not often that we get to see her cry.

She did just that during a recent ITV concert special, after a surprise reunion with her childhood English teacher.

Actress Emma Thompson put it all together during a break between songs when she got a chance to ask Adele some questions.

"When you were younger, was there someone who kind of supported you and inspired you or sort of protected you from all the trials and tribulations of life and inspired you to go on?" Thompson asked.

Adele instantly recalled her time with her "bloody cool" eighth-grade English teacher, Ms. McDonald, with whom she had lost touch.

"It was just one year, but she got me really into literature. I've always been obsessed with English, and, obviously, now I write lyrics," Adele said.

A moment later, the band began playing the opening of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love," and Ms. McDonald came up on stage. Emotions ran high in the room as the two women reunited and embraced each other after many years.

"Oh my god, I'm so proud of you," Ms. McDonald said to a teary-eyed Adele as they hugged on stage.

In true Adele fashion, she had to bring humour to the situation by saying, "Now I've got to get my whole face redone."

The encounter was so wholesome that even Hugh Jackman tweeted about it.

"Proof positive that teachers have superpowers," he wrote.

The Australian actor was a teacher himself before he became widely known as Wolverine.

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