Parts Of Alberta Got A Huge Dump Of Snow While Others Went Up In Flames On Sunday

...Alberta, are you ok?
Alberta Weather Saw Both Blizzards & Wildfires On Sunday

On Sunday, March 29, Alberta weather brought a huge dump of snow for some areas and a grassfire caused evacuation notices in others.

While parts of Alberta received warnings for up to 40 centimetres of snow and wild wind gusts up to 120 km/hr, people in Vulcan County were being warned of potential evacuations due to a grass fire. 

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According to The Weather Network, around 275 people were forced to evacuate and there were injuries sustained due to the fire. 

A grass fire coupled with intense winds is certainly a recipe for disaster.

Apparently, over 5,000 hectares of land got damaged by the widespread fire that was described as "out of control."