’‘I’m from Austin, not Texas.‘’ : A Texas Post-Election Movement Is Trending On Twitter

People in Houston and Dallas are following the trend

Last updated : 04/11/2020 @ 16:35 PM

A long and heated election in Texas wrapped up last night, but some from the state's largest cities don't seem too happy with the results.

Those who stayed up late enough to see the turnout called for the Lone Star State were awake until nearly midnight, and those who were upset about the result were quick to react on social media.

Some from Houston, Dallas, and Austin, all of which turned blue, even denounced their title as "Texans" and are rather staying loyal to their hometown.

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Texans voted for Donald Trump with 84% reporting

The frustration comes after many believed this could be the year the historically-republican Texas would turn democrat, which hasn't happened since 1976.

These tweets went viral shortly after the results were posted.

Travis County- Austin

Harris County- Houston 

Dallas County- Dallas

The overall election has yet to wrap up as mail-in and absentee votes are being counted in key states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

But nobody knows exactly how long it will take to find out who the next President of The United States will be. 

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