6 April Fools' Day Jokes That Are Trying To Pull A Fast One On Canadians

Ryan Reynolds was declared a national treasure and he'll be "preserved" in a storage facility.

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April Fools' Day jokes from Tim Hortons and WestJet.

April Fools' Day jokes from Tim Hortons and WestJet.

To celebrate April Fools' Day, there are so many jokes out there on social media from well-known companies that are trolling Canadians.

Some of them will probably make you shake your head in disbelief, make you laugh, or even make you wish they were real!

You would be forgiven if you fell for some of these pranks for a moment because they are quite realistic as they toe the line between possible and outrageous.

That includes Ryan Reynolds being declared a national treasure and WestJet adding a new destination.

Once you get further into the pranks though, it's pretty easy to realize that they're jokes.

Unfortunately, you won't actually be able to download a dating app that matches you with your soulmate based on coffee preferences or see Reynolds preserved in a storage facility as a national treasure.

However, they're pretty funny so you might get a laugh out of it even if you're disappointed that they're not real.

Here are six April Fools' Day jokes from Tim Hortons, WestJet, McDonald's, and more!

Tim Hortons

To celebrate the day of pranks, Tim Hortons posted on social media that it was introducing Double Double scented dryer sheets.

"Throw one in the dryer on a 20-minute cycle (for maximum freshness), and you'll be smelling so good, people will do a double double take," the Canadian coffee chain said.


If you saw this post and thought you'd be able to take a WestJet flight to space, it was just an April Fools' Day joke!

It also seemed like the Canadian airline is parodying Elon Musk's SpaceX with the name of its space travel line, WestJet-X, and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin with a dig about penis-shaped space crafts.

"Don't settle for an online bookstore and or an electronic car company to get you there," the video said.


Millennials, this one might hurt.

McDonald's Canada shared its April Fools' Day joke which was the "Millennial Happy Meal." It's for people aged 26 to 41 only and even includes butterfly clips.

Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada shared on April 1 that Ryan Reynolds has been declared a national treasure.

The government institution went on to joke that when he's not out on extended loan to the American archives, he'll be "preserved" in a climate and ultraviolet-controlled vault at a preservation storage facility in Quebec.

All so that future generations can enjoy him!

Pizza Pizza

This year, the April Fools' Day joke from Pizza Pizza was that the name would be changed to just Pizza after "considerable consumer feedback."

Second Cup

Second Cup claimed that it was launching a dating app called Second Cup Dating based on coffee compatibility. The app would use an algorithm to take people's coffee preferences and find them a match.

If you're a coffee lover and were hoping to get an espresso shot at love with this dating app, it was just an April Fools' Day joke.

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