Around 200K Canadians Will Have Their Benefits 'Reviewed' In 2022 & Here's What You Should Know

There's a pretty simple way to respond.👇

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Around 200K Canadians Will Have Their Benefits 'Reviewed' In 2022 & Here's What You Should Know

If you get a letter this year stating that your benefits are being reviewed by the Canada Revenue Agency, you won't be the only one.

In a recent notice, the government agency revealed that as many as 200,000 Canadians will be contacted about their eligibility for various benefits in 2022 and that there are simple ways you should respond if this happens.

Now that benefit reviews have resumed, the CRA wants people to "keep calm and respond" if they are contacted about their payments.

It's important to reply if you do get a letter, and send all of the information requested ASAP. This can usually be done via the My Account portal on the CRA website, or via mail to the address listed on your letter.

Those who are currently receiving payments won't stop getting them while their information is reviewed by the feds. "However, if you don’t respond to the letter, we’ll adjust your benefits based on the information we have," the agency warns.

In some cases, this could result in benefits being decreased or even stopped altogether, and some people may be asked to repay money if it was received incorrectly.

There are several reasons that Canadians are contacted about their benefits, and the CRA says files are usually selected "based on risk and whether you've had a life event that affects your benefits and credits."

This could include changes to an individual's marital status, address and updates to the eligibility criteria for particular benefits.

"If you can’t get the documents we’re asking for or if you need more time to reply, it’s important that you call the number provided in your letter," the agency says.

A response from the CRA can be expected no later than 45 days after the documents have been received.

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