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​Two club patrons throwing napkins. Right: Napkins raining down on the club.

Two club patrons throwing napkins. Right: Napkins raining down on the club.

This club in Atlanta is sparking the curiosity of internet users since a viral TikTok revealed patrons of Buckhead Saloon throw napkins at the club workers instead of cash.

The video is captioned "I went to a club in Atlanta. At this club, they throw napkins instead of money. At first, I thought what was a waste of trees, and then I started having the time of my life."

The TikTok shows white beverage napkins being thrown into the air and raining down on the floor as people do shots.


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The post amassed more than 2.5 million views since its publication last October. TikTok users chimed in with some questions of their own.

"Please explain how the dancers get paid while y'all throwing napkins 😭" one commenter questioned in a reply that got more than 30,000 likes. Another commenter asked how the dancers would be able to pay their rent money in napkin currency.

But some locals in the comment section had answers.

"They started this during COVID because of money germs. A pack of napkins is about $50-$150 each depending on the day. Then they split or calculate." one user explained.

Another said they took their girlfriend there for her birthday and had a lot of fun throwing them, but ended up spending a lot of money.

Narcity contacted the sports bar's management, which stated that on Sundays, Buckhead Saloon hosts "napkin wars" where patrons can purchase the pack and make it rain all night. The different prices weren't confirmed.

The event is popular with locals looking for a unique way to end their weekend with a bang.

Patrons and staff are free to use the "stripper poles" to dance clothed and let loose.

The napkins are a creative way to tip the club workers, who dance and serve alcohol, keeping patrons entertained on long nights.

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