Australia Just Deported Novak Djokovic & He Could Be Barred From The French Open Too

Australia isn't the only place that requires a vaccine 👀

Australia Just Deported Novak Djokovic & He Could Be Barred From The French Open Too
Global Staff Writer

Just when it seemed like Novak Djokovic's battle with the Australian government was over, it sounds like we could see this happen all over again.

Government officials in France say Djokovic risks being barred from the French Open in May, in another blow to the unvaccinated tennis star who was deported from Australia last week.

France recently updated its COVID pass with new rules that ban anyone who is unvaccinated from entering any sports arena. That change in the rules applies to everyone, including the unvaccinated Djokovic, according to Stanislas Guerini, head of French President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party.

Guerini warned this week that Djokovic could be barred from attending the French Open because of his vaccination status, which Djokovic revealed in court documents during his time in Australia.

"Who would understand if we asked our citizens to make an effort and respect the rules and we then authorized some to get out of them?" Guerini said during an interview with RTL Matin, a French morning show.

'We can't have two weights and two measures regarding the COVID pass. If you are called Djoko, Nadal or Mr. Whoever, you respect the rules. All the big events which will take place in France will adopt the COVID pass."

Djokovic was deported from Australia on Sunday due to his unvaccinated status, leaving him unable to play his first-round match against Miomir Kecmanovic in the Australian Open.

The tennis player initially thought he had an exemption to play in the Australian Open without being vaccinated, but the Australian government stepped in and cancelled his visa by the time his plane arrived.

Djokovic spent 10 days in a detention hotel while fighting the case. He initially won a court decision over his exemption, but the Australian government later went back to cancel the visa again and ordered that he be deported. The latest decision could also prevent him from entering the country for another three years, The Guardian reports.

Djokovic became a hero among some anti-vaxxers during his Australia ordeal, while others teased him under hashtags like #NovaxDjocovid.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a three-year-ban for Djokovic is not yet set in stone.

While speaking to the Australian radio station 2GB, Morrison said that the tennis player "could be allowed entry sooner under the right circumstances," as reported by the BBC.

Djokovic has won the last three straight Australian Opens, but this move will ensure that he doesn't extend that streak to four.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer